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Glenwood Squash Club have three memberships available: Senior, Scholar and Visitor. It is compulsory for members playing league to pay their Northerns League Fees as well as Squash SA fees.

In order to join:

  1. Complete the Join Us form.
  2. Pay your annual fees and/or registration fees and send proof of payment to:
  3. Wait 2-4 working days to be loaded on the lights system.
  4. Book a court and play squash.


Senior Scholar Visitor
Primary Membership 1350.00 675  
2nd Member 675.00    
3rd Member 675.00    
Registration Fees 200.00 (250.00/family)   200.00
Northern League Fees 500.00 500.00  
Squash SA Fees 120.00 120.00  
Lights/half hour 10.00 10.00 30.00

Banking Details

Account number: 58850031494
Account Type: Cheque
Branch code: 252-045 (Lynnwood)
Bank: First National Bank

E-mail proof of payment to: